Moving to Argentina

Moving to Argentina what documents are needed to clear customs in Argentina and apply for duty and tax free entrance


Customs Documents Required for Moving to Argentina: Scan of passport with Manifiesta Esperar Equipaje No Acompanado (note stating that the owner of the goods is expecting a household goods shipment), stamped by Customs, Original detailed inventory / commercial inventory issued in the origin country, Permanent resident visa if applicable, Migration certificate (Must indicate the entries and departures of the receiver of the goods for the previous two years, Clave Unica de Identification Laboral  (CUIL) certificate / Clave Unica de Identificacion Tributaria (CUIT) certificate (Argentine and foreign citizens with a permanent visa and foreign citizens with temporary visa), Air waybill (AWB Label). 

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You will be required to upload these documents during the Onboarding process (see Onboarding).  Additional documents may be needed at time of clearance, the local carrier will contact you directly to obtain any additional documentation. Guidelines provided are not a guarantee your goods will clear without duty and or taxes. 

Duties, taxes and storage are the sole responsibility of the shipper or receiver.