Onboarding for pickup scheduling and documentation uploading for your small domestic long-distance move or international small move 

Onboarding is the process in which customers upload required documents, confirm the number of items to be shipped through the carrier. Depending on the carrier and the specific booking, customers may be required to confirm box dimensions & weight for TV shipments.

Onboarding consists of two parts: Documentation Form Upload & Check-In
Prior to check-in, all customers are required to upload completed forms for their booking. Once successfully uploaded, each customer is required to Check-In & Schedule the collection from residence / origin location.

Onboarding Forms Upload (Required Document Upload)
We require the completion of the following forms for long distance domestic service.

  • Identification: A required scan of your government issued identification clearing showing both photo & detail information. Suitable identification for domestic service are: state issued drivers license or resident identification. Suitable identification for international
  • Self Pack Declaration: This document is much like the questions asked prior to boarding a flight. It is your statement that you know and are responsible for all items packed.
  • Pack Inventory & Commercial Invoice: These forms describe the contents of goods. Use one line per box declaring the packed contents and value. Pack Inventory is required for domestic service while Pack Inventory & Commercial Invoice are required for all international service.
  • Country Specific Documentation: These documents may be required depending upon the destination you are shipping/moving to. We will advise and provide these documents based upon your booking.

Check-In & Scheduling (Check-In & Schedule Now)
After successfully uploading your documentation, you are required to check-in and schedule a collection date between Monday through Friday. The date must be two business days (48 hours) after your documentation upload.

We will review your check-in and confirm that date with a calendar schedule sent to the email under your account. This is the carrier's confirmation of pickup. An automatic reminder is designed into this calendar request. Once accepted by the customer, we will provide a labelset one (1) day prior to collection.