Adapting to life in Paris

Nowship moved Sarah in 2019 using four trunks from New York to Paris.  Here is her personal story updated this year.

“I think the most important lesson learned was that it wasn’t up to Parisians to adapt to me but for me to adapt to them. That included all the nuances of living in Paris I had to learn quickly. Like many Americans who travel abroad and become convinced that a lack of convenience in daily life  — short shop hours, unavailability of some products, busy supermarkets with one cashier working, delivery services— was a symbol of an inefficient and laggard culture in Paris. I first viewed my new life in France through young and very naive eyes.

I was used to convenience above all else (Capitalism, capitalism, capitalism! Make money whenever and however you can!). What I learned though was the few lingering inefficiencies in Paris only exemplify humanity. I learned that a better life isn’t from having stores open 24 hours a day but rather how all of us are just a bit more human in living in France.”