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How to NOWSHIP Anywhere in the World in Three to Nine Days

Selecting a personal shipping service is as easy!

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NOWSHIP is your personal shipping service and we were created to combine great, low cost and fast shipping services for personal effects globally.

If you don't see something that fits your needs, NOWSHIP Custom Services can create a specific solution that's just right for you.
Let us know what your specific moving or shipping needs are and our NOWSHIP Custom Team will create that specific solution to fit your personal shipping needs.

Write or call us directly.

What if you're not ready to make a booking?

A smart "do it yourself" customer plans before they take action

NOWSHIP wants all customers to plan and educate themselves on the best way to make their international personal effects shipment. Often called a quotation or a free quotation for shipping, NOWSHIP has created the Wish List for you. Since all NOWSHIP rates are online, Wish Listing a service is your free quotation for personal effects shipping.

Just click on add to your wish list and in just a second, your user profile will have the service tucked away for later.

International Personal Effects Shipping

When you're ready to make a booking...

When you're ready to make a booking, our shipping portal allows for immediate booking of service. Select your service by clicking on "Add to Cart" and the site, like any shopping site, will whisk you to the checkout and purchase process online.

NOWSHIP customers have two choices for payment, online credit card or check by mail. Remember, that services will not begin until all funds have been processed.

Legacy Moves - Downsizing for Seniors
  small long distance moves for senior downsizing

Today, many families are geographically dispersed and adult children are often not able to help with the moving process due to distance, career and family obligations. For family members living far away, the barriers may be geographic so stopping by a parent's home to pickup a few important things just isn't possible.

Seniors may not have surviving children, or increasingly, their children are older adults themselves. If illness or death precipitates the move, the family is likely already drained both emotionally and physically. They need help.

It is not just finding small moving companies near me that will address the challenges. Even coordinating a series of small moves still has significant barriers especially when sending to family members long distance. Senior Move ManagersĀ® emerged to fill these gaps and to facilitate the transition for everyone involved.

Older adults making a transition have usually not moved in 30, 40 or 50 years and need to downsize considerably. The organizational tasks, let alone, the physical tasks associated with well planning and implementing a complex move is without doubt overwhelming for the entire family.

Seek the help of experienced, insured professionals and call a Senior Move ManagerĀ®.

NowShip helps Senior Move Managers make affordable and complete small moves that are long distance or international. We highly recommend our Kubox Crate System for larger items, or the Kubox Trunk for 100lbs of items to move long distance or even our NOWSHIP Boxes to keep what's important safe during the transport.
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