London Tech Life In Lockdown

Admittedly, working in IT doesn’t require an office. Pretty much a good connection to the internet is all that is needed. My coworkers and I met by Zoom well before there was a global pandemic yet we could all meet up or some of us could who are close to meet up for food and drinks. 

Not all techies are big nerds, not all, so when the pandemic hit, I had basically just moved to London. There is nothing I can share about the response to COVID-19 that would be much different than anyone else could share, other than I had a series of trunks I shipped from the USA that carried my life to my new home.

Living out of a box isn’t easy but I was living and had everything I needed to do my daily grind. The flat was pretty barren at first but online shopping was an option to fill up spaces like a bed, a place for clothes and dishes for the kitchen. 

Life in London has opened up and is a bit more normal for now. Exploring and meeting up with friends thankfully is option to living in the UK.


5 Kubox trunks San Francisco to London priced per containerNOWSHIP provided Kubox trunks, 5 in total from San Francisco to London.