Expat Life in Italy - Where to Live?


Italy is similar to the U.S. in that it has distinct regions and each with a different character and flavor.

You might consider where you like in the States and find a region that has similar characteristics. The north is affluent and efficient, but more business oriented. Liguria is beautiful and there are many tourists on the coast, but mostly with Italian families and yet with so much charm. Florence, despite being the Renaissance capital of Italy, is crowded and tourist focused.

The Chianti region just a half-hour south is amazing with some of the most beautiful countryside and excellent food in the country. Venezia, though magnificent, would be difficult to live in because of the cost.

Veneto is absolutely gorgeous with many delightful small towns, while Abruzzo is being called the Tuscany of today with many of the same amenities -- wine, hills and ancient palazzos. If you adore the south because of the warmth of the weather and the openness and kindness of the people, Puglia is a perfect place.

Rome is of course magnificent too, but definitely is the big city with all that entails. Great food, amazing history and tremendous charm. 

Finding Your Perfect Place in Italy May Take Time

People preparing to move to Italy should take the time to visit different regions, cities, and towns before choosing where to live. It is more than a good idea to always rent before buying in case you decide to move again.