Moving to Vietnam

Moving to Vietnam Custom clearance documents and information


Customs Documents Required for Moving to Vietnam: Scan of passport with all stamps displayed, Detailed inventory / commercial invoice in English, Vietnam entry visa (valid 3+ months) Original Vietnam arrival-departure card, Letter of employment, Hanoi only labor contract, Copy of business licence, Vietnam employer's company license copy, Work permit, Application letter.

NOTE: Personal computers are charged import duty at 15%, Personal printers are charged duty at 10%.

Restricted/Dutiable Items:  Firearms & ammunition, Food, Plants, Tobacco products.

Prohibited Items: Firearms, Illegal Drugs / psychotropic drugs, Ivory, Toxic materials. 

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These documents are mandatory and you will be required to upload these documents during the Onboarding process (see Onboarding). Additional documents and/or materials may be required for a duty & tax free entry of your personal goods.