NowShip Affiliate Plus Domestic Trucking Portal

NowShip offers all Affiliate Plus Members access to domestic trucking rates though its high volume relationships with carriers. Affiliate Plus Member consist of registered domestic and international moving companies and those companies comply with all local and country specific regulatory agencies. If you wish to apply, please click here.

Application will launch a separate login window.

Booking Parameters

  • All shipments must be within parameters of twelve (12) linear feet or shorter.
  • All shipments must be safely and securely packed in unit load devices (e.g. crates or pallets)
  • All shipments must be accompanied by a Certified Weight Master Ticket.
  • All shipments must be non-hazardous,
  • All shipments must move under Class 150 always (misclassification will result in non-disputable reclassification fees.
  • All shipments must move under an active account.
  • All shipments are paid at time of booking.
  • All shipments with overweight charges, reweigh charges, redelivery charges, demurrage charges, second pickup charges are pre-authorized to account and only after successful dispute resolution will any fees be reimbursed.
  • All shipments must be insured by Affiliate Plus Member.
  • All claims for damages are submitted directly to carrier and are under the carrier's terms and conditions.
  • Affiliate Plus Member agrees with all terms and conditions set forth including its guidelines and regulatory responsibllities.