NowShip now offers high quality moving supplies that we have especially handpicked for the DIY in us all.

If you have moved before you know quite well that movement is the cause of most damage to boxes while shipping. Even the slightest movement in transit can cause scratches, scrapes, and chips, so the best way to prevent damage to your belongings is to select the right moving supplies and use them correctly. In order to safely move your belongings it is essential that the right supplies are chosen. Moving supplies like bubble wrap, packing paper, foam, and packing peanuts as well as good quality cartons that fit the needs of the items you are packing.

Packing Supplies are Designed for Different Purposes:

  • Surface Protection
  • Cushioning
  • Filling Empty Space

You might choose to have a professional team pack your goods for your small move but once you see a video of some of the best packers we know (Thank you Pickfords), you just might think "I can do that!" and you're probably right!


Plates and Dishware

Wardrobe Packing

Wrapping Delicate Silverware

Almost all moving boxes need some sort of fill up for empty space.

Pillows, towels, clothes, bedding, paper towels are all good examples of dunnage that you don’t have to buy. Some moving supplies that serve this purpose is larger bubble wrap, packing paper, and packing peanuts. Whether using your own DIY homemade fill or you buy some, the most important thing is that there is no movement within the box.

Note: A good test is if the box rattles or makes a noise then it’s time to repack that carton or items inside could be damaged through transport.

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4 Pack of Shipping Boxes for International & Long Distance Moves 4 Pack of Shipping Boxes

Perfect for long distance moving | Perfect for international moving

Our Price: $62.00

If there are packing supplies not available on NowShip, our friends at www.packingday.com (clicking on the link will open a new window) can be of help. They offer free shipping on the majority of their packing supplies.