Buried deep in the heart of one of the greatest states our nation has to offer, L&J Moving & Storage Raleigh has emerged as a premiere choice for all household and commercial relocation services. Our Affiliate's team, of professional individuals, has been thoroughly trained to assist our customers, in a courteous and timely fashion, with the best moving services around. Our family owned and operated business has the experience of over 25 years behind us, making us one of the most experienced movers in the state of North Carolina.

L&J Moving & Storage Raleigh understand the stress that moving causes and are fully prepared to assist you and your family with whatever your situation presents. Going up the street? No problem, our local relocation team is here for you. Moving to California? We’ve got you covered with full service Interstate relocation services. Moving across the ocean? Don’t sweat it; L&J can handle a move anywhere in the world!

L&J Moving & Storage Raleigh is a well versed NOWSHIP Affiliate able to help you with packing for NOWSHIP services including our EXPRESS BAGGAGE and INTERNATIONAL CARTON SERVICE to over 200 plus countries and our amazingly discounted DOMESTIC CARTON SERVICE to all 48 states. L&J knows that through NOWSHIP, door to door means 3-9 days service not weeks or months.

With a large range of services that span from packing & crating to full replacement protection and guaranteed pricing, L&J Moving & Storage Raleigh has it all.

Located in the beautiful rural town of Clayton, NC our facility houses state of the art storage containers and comes equipped with over 36,000 square feet of storage space, ensuring that all of your items are fully protected from the elements in a 24/7, fully monitored location.

L&J Moving & Storage Raleigh specialize in satisfying your needs. Whether you need us to pick up your grandmother’s couch or transport your entire business across the country, we’ve got you covered each step of the way. Choose L&J Moving and Storage Raleigh for your next relocation. Call us today at 919-934-2082

We Can Provide NowShip Customers with the Following:

Yes, We Provide This Service

No, We Do Not Provide This Service

Packing Services


Packing Material Sales


Short Term Storage



Long Term Storage


Climate Controlled Storage



Local Pickup


Local Drop Off


Certified Weight Scale


Weight Master Certification


NowShip Customers Should Expect the Following Charges:

Rate in $ USD

Rate to Pack 2 Cartons 120lbs / 54kgs

Call for Price

Rate to Pack 4 Cartons 240lbs / 109kgs

Rate to Pack 6 Cartons 360lbs / 163kgs

Rate to Pack 8 Cartons 480lbs / 218kgs

Rate to Pack 10 Cartons 600lbs / 272kgs

Rate to Pack 12 Cartons 720lbs / 327kgs

Rate to Pack 14 Cartons 840lbs / 381kgs

Rate to Pack 16 Cartons 960lbs / 436kgs

Local Pick Up Rate for Cartons

Local Drop Off Rate for Cartons

Please contact our Raleigh NC Affiliate who have a long list of services that are a perfect addition to NowShip's online catalog of personal effects shipping services.

NOWSHIP RALEIGH NC AFFILIATE: located at 3900 Hwy 70 Business West, Clayton, NC 27520

Contact L&J Transportation North American Agent

Telephone: 1-888-510-3297 ex 302
Hours of Operation:
Monday thru Friday, 9:00AM - 5:00PM
Point of Contact: Gyna Craigo
Affiliate Telephone: 919-934-2082
Email: gcraigo@ljmoving.net
U.S. DOT 889135, AMSA Member L&J is a North American Van Lines Agent


Some of our Community Partners are:
Move For Hunger - Donate your unused non-perishable food when you move to the local food bank charities through this well-respected non-profit 501(c)(3). www.moveforhunger.org
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Remember, weather can affect NOWSHIP pickup and delivery schedules in Raleigh North Carolina