‘International Pillow Fight Day’ London, England
When I catch a flake in my hand, it doesn’t melt.. It’s a feather

International Pillow Fight Day in London, England

Moving to London

The tunnel lights of the tube fly by in a blur, as the train propels itself at high speed beneath London’s underbelly. My family and I are headed to Trafalgar Square, one of the many mandatory tourist attractions in London.

I’ve prepared myself for a day filled with quiet appreciation of stately architecture and dignified statues. My guard is down, and I’m certainly not prepared for what I’m about to see.

As we ascend from the Charing Cross station, we’re blinded by the beaming sun in a cloudless sky. Our eyes adjust and we notice white flakes falling from above. Oddly enough, it’s not that cold today, and when I catch a flake in my hand, it doesn’t melt.

It’s a feather.

Today is not one filled with quiet appreciation of stately architecture and dignified statues. Today is International Pillow Fight Day, and Trafalgar Square is London’s designated battlefield.

A giant mob of pillow fighters fills the square, each participant gleefully swinging their pillows at one another. With every impact comes a small explosion of white that fills the sky with another handful of feathers.

It feels like I’m inside a snow globe, constantly being shaken. The feathers continue to rise, float, fall, and rise again, as if the pillow fighters had manufactured their own hydrologic cycle.

The pillow fight goes on for another hour or so, and when it ends the crowd disperses, leaving an obscene amount of feathers in their wake. Trafalgar Square is covered from head to toe; even the twin fountains are flooded with the aftermath of this family-friendly battle.

This is a sight I won’t soon forget, and my only concern is: “Who’s going to clean all of this up?”

It feels like I'm inside a snow globe constantly being shaken

Author: Tanner Hackney

Author Bio: Mr. Hackney is a Junior Journalism and Marketing student at American University. His travels have taken him to England, France, Germany, Canada, Spain, and the Netherlands.

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