Winter in London's Luna Cafe
An uncharacteristically cold day in London, the city infamous for dreary and rainy days has something sweet to offer

London's Luna Cafe

It’s an uncharacteristically cold day in London, and the city infamous for dreary, rainy days is blanketed in a thin layer of snow.

After a quiet morning of sightseeing and art museums, my dad and I seek refuge in a small coffee shop called Luna Café. With intimate furniture and soft lighting, it feels more like a home than a business.

The quiet, snowy day has left the café’s patrons in a state of quiet serenity, sheepish from the heat of their drinks. The display case at the counter glows with the promise of something sweet.

I buy a chocolate croissant and a cappuccino, served in ornate, white china. The creamy, caffeinated beverage warms my core and the sweetness from the croissant compliments the espresso perfectly. Somehow, my London snack was a mirror of the c
afé and the day. Just a wonderful compliment to each other.

From the café I gaze out the window and watch the snowfall. The grey sky is a calming sight, peppered in white flakes that float carelessly down to earth.

I could have lived in this moment forever.

Watching the snow fall from the warmth and sweetness of a London Cafe
I could have lived this moment forever

Author: Tanner Hackney

Author Bio: Mr. Hackney is a Junior Journalism and Marketing student at American University. His travels have taken him to England, France, Germany, Canada, Spain, and the Netherlands.

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Conveniently located in the heart of Knightsbridge, Luna Cafe offers healthy quick meals, freshly squeezed juices and desserts in a friendly atmosphere with an authentic design.